Mwangaza Institute

The nation/world of science, technology, and education is a major foundation for humanity. God is the author of Education, science and technology. After creating all things, He took time to educate man on how to govern His creation and maintain paradise (Eden) on earth. That education was to be passed on from generation to generation alongside the other complimentary resources of God’s word and Spirit.

Science, Technology and Education must be revived back to God’s standards as our educational centres in recent years have been known to draw many away from God. This is a step away from God’s design for all true science leads to and not away from God. Most of the prestigious and well known academic institutions the world over were instituted by God fearing men and women and /or church institutions. It is evident in society that when the knowledge and fear of God was removed from any aspect of creation, not just humanity, things dilapidated. The outreach therefore equips, matures and rightly positions all called to this arenas of life to reclaim and restore this sector back to God’s ideal standard.


This is an outreach/arm that seeks to reconcile the world of religion/lifegivers, helps and health care back to God’s original plan for those sectors. In this way, they seek to restore and align men back to true worship of God. They also cater for those involved in the helps departments which support church/ministry teams that serve within the church walls e.g ushers, technical teams, choir/worship teams, children and youth departments etc.

This follows the old testament pattern of the levites who served the Priesthood by taking care of the temple duties. The health care givers comes into play as they seek to give back life to those who are hurting and sick through medical care, medical research for cures and merging science with the supernatural power and wisdom of God.

The coaches and mentors in this forum through a defined coaching curriculum, equip the believers to reform and change the world through their goods and services, products and impact from this sector. God’s plan is for Zion, metaphorically speaking of the church, to become the lawgiver to frame society (Isaiah 2:1-3).


The world of sport is a major force to reckon with the world over. Every four years, the world is glued to the ongoing developments of the world cup and the Olympic games which draw the billions by viewership. The influence of sports on culture, civilization and resources is staggering, all this is by God’s design. God is the author of Sports. It is not just a pastime or hobby, it is a legitimate profession that is second to none. What is God’s purpose for sports? Why did HE create it? How does it accomplish His agenda?

All the above are questions that the outreach seeks to answer with the men and women called into those spheres to influence all of life and not just the sports world. The focus becomes if Jesus came as a Sports Manager/Coach, how would he do it? What would differentiate Him from the rest? What techniques /styles would He bring to the table? Are there dimensions to the mind of Christ and the supernatural yet to be showcased in sports? The coaching curriculum delves into this aspects to give a practical hands on experience so as to bring out the full potential to the believers called into this sector.


This is an outreach/arm that seeks to restore the nation/world of industry, commerce, and finance back to what God originally intended for it to be. God created the different spheres of influence as a gateway to influencing and shaping communities, geographies, resources and civilizations back to Himself. All things were made by Him and for Him (Colossians 1:16). Every aspect in righteousness of Industry, Commerce and Finance has its origin in God because God created to influence culture and civilization.

In this outreach that is divided into the three arms (Industry – Commerce – Finance), believers are equipped, matured and positioned to find their place of influence and reign in it to effect God’s heart for that sphere. Through deliberate coaching and mentoring, the believers need to be prepared from a kingdom perspective on how to work within Babylon (the world system), and yet as salt and light. Like Daniel in Babylon, Joseph in Egypt or Esther in Persia, those sectors are reconcilable to God for His Eternal Purposes on earth.


This is an outreach/arm that seeks to restore and reconcile the nation/world of family back to God and His original intent. God is the author of family and created all creatures to exist in communities for them to flourish and attain their full potential. Wherever man or creation try to exist outside of this understanding or create their own setting, there are always negative repercussions that follow. This has given rise to the gay-lesbian dilemma in society agitating for same sex marriages, single parent families ,exploration of alternative sexual orientations that deform the original plan and purpose for family.

The coaching and mentoring provided prepare and equip the believer called to this sector, to be instrumental in reforming the world through programs, products, goods and services that better the lives of children, teens, youth, adults, parents and the elderly alike. They seek to restore man back to proper functioning and alignment with God when walking in what family was meant to be. Every aspect of family is critical to man’s development as man cannot live to his full potential without this reality.


The nation/world of government and military highlights the importance of good governance, order to the development and well being of any civilization. Where there is no government from the smallest unit ie, individual government to the family, local or national level, there is no order and life’s operations become difficult and almost impossible.

God is the author of government, He governs Himself and rules over all things. He has gifted people to replicate His governance across all levels from the smallest to the most complex unit. This is seen in nature, wildlife and creation, everything revolves around an order of doing things in an organized maner. The sun governs the day, the moon governs the night.
God wanted man to learn from Him on His original intent for governance and implement it over all creation. This influences all arms of government; the judiciary ,legislative and executive (covering the security organs and armed forces too). This outreach therefore equips, matures and seeks to rightly position the men and women called to that spehere of influence on God’s mind and ways on governance. When godly governance is effected, all creation (not just humans) thrive and prosper.


N.A.M.E (The Nation of Arts, Media and Entertainment). An outreach set to reconcile and baptize the World of the Arts, media, and entertainment unto God. Thereby, bringing the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry and their players, into God's original purposes for this industry.

This is achieved by perfecting the saints called to the world/ nation of arts, media, and entertainment into becoming mature, fully equipped, and rightly positioned Christ-like Priests, Sons (Kingdom fathers), and Kings for God to their nations of calling. They thereby become ministers of God who are able to reconcile the communities, civilizations, geography, and resources of this nation and other nations back to God.

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